• P1 Small PVC Premium First Aid Kit

P1 Small PVC Premium First Aid Kit

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-Ideal for cars, gifts, travellers, outdoors


-Quality PVC Container

-Absorbent Cotton Swabs 5cm X 5cm (15gm):1 packet

-Adhesive Roll Plaster 1.25cm x 1m: 1 roll

-Fabric Plaster Strips: 5 pcs

-W.O.W Bandage 5cm x 5.5cm:1 roll

-Antiseptic Cream 15gm: 1 tube

-Acriflavine Solution 30ml: 1 bottle

-Liniment Methyl Salicylate 30ml:1 bottle

-Small Non Foldable Scissors: 1 pair

-First Aid Booklet:1 book

-Usage Card: 1 pc

-Minor injury use only. To be used in emergency for the rapid, initial treatment of an injury

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